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SMC4:WOTFI 2021 Rap battle (SMC4 Style)

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so since WOTF 2021 rap battle became too famous
l decided to remake the scence but at my style
so if you want to see how it is
saty and join the livestream with me
l'll be there with you guys
hope you enjoy it
also some scences are form SMG4,the rest if from me
and set a reminder for this videos so you won't miss it
it took me alot of time to do this
and were almost about to reach 100 subs so if you guys want the surprise
help me reach those 100 subs
afor the one's who are new, WOTFI is a content where fan can get tu sumbit challenges for youre youtubers and then a rap battle
anyway all the song belongs to #SMG4
he's the creator of all SMG's
want to see WOTFI 2021 go here:
warning:the last scence is sad that its gonna make you cry
you wanna watch it go ahead
but don't tell me l warned you
so yeah uhh join the livestream,set a reminder
and l'll see you in the livestream

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